Visit Lyon in one day


You are in Lyon for one day only and you would love to find out the mysteries of this city ? Lyon Bike tour gives you the keys to discover the Capital of the Gaules with two exemples of day trip.


6h30 : Enjoy the sunrise in the Jardin des Curiosités

From this amazing point of view on the top of the Fourvière hill you will be able to enjoy one of the best panorama of Lyon. Located in the Saint Just area, this hidden park gives a breath taking view on the famous red roofs of the peninsula. Take the time to sit on one of the benchs of the park while you are waiting for the sunrise and enjoy the peacefull and green area.

CURIOSITESJardin des curiosites – Image credit : Flickr Laurent Guerry

7h : Walk in the Gallo-roman ruins

Lean against the Fourvière hill, this exceptional place will allow you to immerse yourself in the time of the foundation of Lugdunum. This city born in 43 BC was the scene of major developments including the construction of a theater dedicated to the tragedy or comedy performances and an Odeon (less seats) dedicated to music performances or philosophical and political speeches. These ruins are still central to life in Lyon as host performances of the festival of the famous Fourvière Nights. And if you want to continue the experience, make a little stop at the Gallo-Roman Museum at the top of the ruins.




8h : Take a look at the amazing Fourvière Basilica

Dominating the city, the basilica is a symbol of Lyon. Take the time to walk around and admire the view  of the cityscape offers by the panoramic esplanade. Get inside the building and let you conquer by the splendor of the eclectic architecture. Dedicated to the Virgin since the twelfth century this property is the symbol of the Marian cult in Lyon.

10h : Cross the jardin du Rosaire in order to go to the Vieux Lyon

Through the slope, take time to admire the vegetation in this garden. The botanical collection is the home to a variety of roses, hydrangeas or several fruit trees. This garden allows to connect the Basilica to St. John district while enjoying a green space isolating you from urban life.

10h20 : Take a walk into the streets of the Vieux Lyon

Discover the most famous district of Lyon by walking through the narrow streets bordered by buildings dating back to the Italian Renaissance. Stop at the Saint Jean cathedral and discover its famous astronomical clock and push the housing doors to discover the mythical traboules of the city. Take this opportunity to discover the Gadagne museum dedicated to the history of the city and located in a Renaissance building.

12h30 : Enjoy the Lyonnese food in  Les fines gueules restaurant

Located close to the rue Juiverie and the Place du Change, this authentic bouchon will allow you to discover the local gastronomy. Regarded as the capital of gastronomy, Lyon will enchant you with its culinary heritage.

14h30 :  Discover Lyon with an electric bike

Without any effort and accompanied by a passionate guide discover the Lyon heritage with a tour des Canuts with Lyon Bike tour. Through many anecdotes, this tour will take you on the trail of silk  on the hill of the Croix Rousse, you will discover the banks of the Saone and the Rhone rivers and  go in the Parc de la Tête d'Or, one of the favorite places in Lyon.


17h30 : Enjoy a beer on one of the many boat of the Rhône river

Moored on the banks of the Rhône river, the boats are offering different atmospheres but the most popular are on the Augagneur dock. So make a little stop on one of them to enjoy a beer or a mojito or even extend the evening there and enjoying an home made burger.